Queenstown launch for "Tales from an Unmapped Country"

IMG 7573 JPG BartFollowing the highly succesful launch of his eighth book "Tales from an Unmapped Country" at The Links in St Francis Bay in November last year, Author Bart Logie is set to do another launch of the book in Queenstown (Komani) on Wednesday, January 25th.

The launch will take place at the White House, Queen's College on the 25th, starting at 18h00.

Guest speaker will be Mr Brendan Grant, headmaster of Queen's College.

All those wishing to attend should contact Diana Grant on 084 400 0601 for catering purposes.

Speaking the earlier launch of the book in St Francis Bay, Professor Richard Cowling of NMMU called "Tales" Bart Logie's "best one yet".

"Why? Because 'Tales fronn an Unmapped Country' is par travelogue and part memoir. The memoir part gves fascinating insights a profoundly good man, a humansit, historian, teller of stories, and - most importantly - a man pf sound values, kind and compassionate."

“And we learn so much. Did you know that Bart associated with communists, performed in numerous Gilbert & Sullivan operettas, taught at leftist schools, hitch-hiked vast distances to distant lands, and was a neighbour and admirer of Eric Rosenthal of Test the Team fame and sold one of his artworks to Walter Batiss?
“The “unmapped country” that he takes us to is the world where the distinction between fact and fiction become blurred: the world of our memories.
“The mapped country is the Eastern Cape, where Bart and Caryl take us on journeys – along mapped roads – to familiar places (indeed, many have been home to family members) “to see how they have changed. The stimulus for the trip came from a local friend, Kain Sisusa, He asked Bart to visit his village in the old Transkei so that ‘When you come back, you will be able to tell me the truth, but not hurt my heart. I don’t want to go there myself, it will make my heart too sore’.
“So the mapped, unmapped (and, perhaps, the “to be mapped”) mingle comfortably and delightfully in this book,” said Professor Cowling. He urged Bart to consider writing a memoir, the full story of his life.

Picture shows Bart Logie at the launch in St Francis Bay

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