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A Touch of Nostalgia!

Write-On Publishing will soon release a REPRODUCTION & REPRINT of the iconic 1990's St Francis Bay recipe books "A Taste of St Francis" and "A Second Taste of St Francis", originally produced by the St Francis Bay Friendship Club in 1993 and 1996 respectively.

The two booklets combined into one volume: "A Taste of St Francis", and as opposed to the quaint typed and photocopied originals, is a high-quality, modern, professionally typeset and bound book.

 The book contains dozens of recipes, ranging from the sublime to the simple, all submitted by St Francis Bay residents of the day - all their names appear in the book. it also contains anecdotes and kromme logo2reminiscences by St Francis Bay residents about life in the village and its history, The book is illustrated by dozens of simple, almost primitive, beautiful line drawings.

At the request of the original compiler of the books, Yvonne Bosman, whose brainchild this project is, part of the proceeds of the sale of the books will be donated to the Kromme Enviro-Trust, which fully endorses the project.

Price = R140! (excl Postage)


A Terrible Beauty - A Review by Beverley Bouwer

toweroofA father and daughter conspire to write a novel set in Ireland. VM Devine is the pen name of Mike Mahony and Valerie Ganzevoort. After reading it, you wouldn't believe they live in sunny SA.

A Terrible Beauty is a story of the solving of a murder at Joyce's Tower. Father Luke O’Gorman returns there after fleeing a horrible incident in Nigeria where he was a missionary. Instead of escaping the emotions, they follow him home, and are echoed in his family dynamics and the tense domestic situation, getting worse by the day as the centenary anniversary of the Easter Uprising approaches. Detective Chief Superintendent Fírinne Jeffries and her team is called upon to investigate the murder that results, with the local Gardaí on full alert to the possibility of more violence and protest in the air.

I loved the setting, and the detailed scenery and history that these authors wove into the story. It was modern, realistic and also clever and classy. The telling was seamless and rich, with a great deal of research having gone into it. Lots of dialogue and action kept the pace moving and me guessing about who was going to be revealed as the gruesome killer. This mystery was refreshingly different to most in the genre, comprising much more than your average detection.

The level of detail made for a dense read - the complexity meant there was a lot of story, and this detracted slightly from me getting to know the characters better.

An enriching experience and a well-deserved 4 stars.

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Picture shows the roof of Joyce's Tower where the murder took place in "A terrible beauty"

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