A Taste of St Francis

. . . and a Touch of Nostalgia

A St Francis Bay Recipe Book - Originally compiled by the St Francis Friendship Club and edited and produced by Yvonne Bosman in 1993 and 1996.

 Twenty-five years ago, in 1993, the St Francis Bay Friendship Club, a lively and informal organisation set up by long-time residents to welcome newcomers to the Village of ST Francis Bay, produced an iconic little recipe book - “A Taste of St Francis”. This was followed in 1996  by “A Second Taste of St Francis”.

 One of the original founders of the Friendship Club, and the person who laboriously typed out all those recipes, Yvonne Bosman, would dearly love to see these books resuscitated and made available to a new generation of St Francis Bay residents, as well as our many visitors. She approached St Francis Bay-based publisher, Write-on Publishing, to undertake this task. 

In addition to dozens of great recipes, the books contain stories and anecdotes about the history of the Village, as well as the reminiscences of many of the contributors to the book about their own “St Francis Bay Experience”.

Was your Mom or Grandma one of the contributors?

The two original books are combined into one - “A Taste of St Francis”, and it is a faithfull reproduction of the content of the originals. However, instead of the quaint original typewritten (on an IBM golfball typewriter, Yvonne informs us) and photocopied booklets, the book is professionally typeset, printed and bound, with a full colour, original art cover. 

kromme logo2At Yvonne’s insistence, a portion of the proceeds of the sale the book will be donated to the Komme enviro-Trust, which fully endorses the project.

Dear Frank
Thank you for our meeting the other day, and as mentioned we as The Kromme Enviro Trust think it is a great idea and support you 100%, We are also grateful that we were selected as a beneficiary of the project, greatly appreciated.

Warren Manser - Chairman

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Publisher:                 Write-On Publishing
Author/Compiler:    Yvonne Bosman
Product Type:           Paperback
Width (mm):            147
Height (mm):           210
Publication Date:    June 2018
ISBN:                         978-0-6399359-8-0
Number of Pages:   110


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