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quiterealmcoverfrt2Pride, Respect, Despair, Joy and Profound Sadness - Emotions Stirred by "In Quiet Realm"

The latest offering to emerge from the SA Catholic Online/Write-On Publishing stable is Fr Lawrence Mduduzi Ndlovu's brilliant poetry anthology  "In Quiet Realm".

This little book by the  Soweto-born Catholic Cleric, lecturer, writer, poet, speaker and arts enthusiast, has the ability to reach out and touch almost every human emotion.

With its equally brilliant preface by Ambassador Lindiwe Mabuza - Diplomat, Poet, Academic, Cultural Activist, and foreword by five times Grammy Award-Winning American Opera Star Jessye Norman, it reflects the author’s deep and abiding faith, and, “In the End”, it forces us to confront our own mortality.   An emotional and satisfying read.

It evinces pride, respect, despair, joy and profound sadness. It remembers and salutes past and contemporary South Africans, it lauds them as Africans: “These are Africans”, it says. It is a recognition that “Life Happens”, especially in our townships, and is a tribute to life’s virtues.

As a writer, Lawrence Ndlovu has contributed to several publications through his columns in Spotlight Africa and The Daily Maverick. He has also written for The Thinker, The Huffington Post, News 24, The Southern Cross and The South African.  L

Lawrence Ndlovu smlLawrence read philosophy and theology at St John Vianney Seminary Pretoria, Heythrop College, University of London and the Bellarmine Institute in London. He is a lecturer in the theology department at St Augustine College of South Africa. 

He is Chairperson of the Choral Music Archive NPC and is a trustee of the St Augustine Education Foundation Trust and an Advisory Council Member of the Southern Cross Weekly.  He was listed by the Mail and Guardian in the Top 200 Young South Africans list for 2016.  He is also the recipient of the 2016 Youth Trailblazer Award from the Gauteng Provincial Government for his outstanding contribution to youth development.

In this elegant, compact and complex poetry book, Father Lawrence tenderly yet determinedly escorts us through a fantastic maze of his journeys - spiritual, political and social -  Ambassador Lindiwe Mabuza.

This is a homage to the spirit and soul of our birth, the glories, the dilemma and the blessings of the sun and soil of the mother country…  Father Lawrence would have us remember to hold close in our minds and hearts all that we are, all that has made us, and all that we are empowered to be. Jessye Norman - 5 times Grammy Award-Winning Opera Star.




Write-On Publishing of St Francis Bay is thrilled to announce the publication of a beautiful little book of illustrated poems - "Apples from the Soul" - by 84-year-old Bushman's River Mouth artist Wendy Barker.

Wendy, an art teacher and artist of some renown in the Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage and Port Alfred areas, discovered her talent for poetry when she attended a life skills seminar some years ago.

As Wendy puts it in her "preface" poem, called simply "Apples", in the book:

wendy sml"The teacher put a basket of apples on the table and said: 'Now write a poem about this.' So I wrote. Then the teacher said; 'Now write a poem about family and apples.' And the floodgates opened!"

Wendy says she discovered that she had a lifetime of thoughts and observations that she would like to share, so she has brought some of these thoughts to life in the form of poems about the past, present, family and life in this her first little book of poems. However, her talents do not end there - being an artist, she has whimsically and lovingly illustrated each poem in soft watercolours and crayon,  in a beautifully naive style which matches her poetry perfectly.

Her poems range from some very personal and deep thoughts about her family and aspects of her long and very full life, to her feelings about everyday things like trees, summer rain, birds, listening to music and even "To Oprah"! They are utterly charming, and some are very thought-provoking. 

This is definitely a book to keep by your bedside and read again and again when the mood takes you.

Wendy will be launching her book at 10am on Friday, September 21st at, appropriately, the Red Apple Emporium restaurant and art gallery in Bushman's River Mouth. 


In this new release from Patrick Noonan, best-selling author of "They're Burning the Churches", he takes a look at attitudes towards reconciliation and social cohesion in a post-apartheid South Africa.

Most of us in South Africa, during the 45 years of apartheid, didn’t notice that we had been programmed, rebooted, reset and downloaded as new creatures: apartheid man – or woman.


Write-On Publishing of St Francis Bay will soon release a REPRODUCTION & REPRINT of the iconic 1990's St Francis Bay recipe books "A Taste of St Francis" and "A Second Taste of St Francis", originally produced by the St Francis Bay Friendship Club in 1993 and 1996 respectively.

The two booklets are being combined into one volume: "A Taste of St Francis", and in contrast to the quaint typed and photocopied originals, the book will be a high-quality, modern, professionally typeset and bound book.

 The book contains dozens of recipes, ranging from the sublime to the simple, all submitted by St Francis Bay residents of the day - all their names will appear in the book. It also contains anecdotes and reminiscences by St Francis Bay residents about life in the village and its history, The book is illustrated by dozens of simple, almost primitive, line drawings.

kromme logo2At the request of the original compiler of the books, Yvonne Bosman, whose brainchild this project is, part of the proceeds of the sale of the books will be donated to the Kromme Enviro-Trust, which fully endorses the project.

Write-On Publishing publishes the books of local author Bartle Logie, and was also instrumental in the revival of the book “The Sea Shells of Jeffreys Bay” for the Sea Shells Museum last year.

“At the launch of Bart’s latest book, “Toasted Marshmallows & Obies” at The Links recently, I was approached by another local legend, Yvonne Bosman, who asked me if I would consider re-publishing the two iconic St Francis Bay recipe books, originally produced by Yvonne for the then St Francis Bay Friendship Club. We met subsequently and I decided to give it a go. In the normal course of events, I would be paid a fee to produce a book, but obviously in this case, that was not going to happen, so I have returned to the same method as they used originally to fund the books – advertising,” said Frank Nunan of Write-On Publishing.

Amazingly, some of the original advertisers are still around!

The book may be pre-ordered from the Write-On Publishing website at a special pre=production price of R120 – retail price will be R150 once the book is printed. (

Any companies interested in advertising in the book are asked to contact Frank at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In addition to being available online, Village Superspar in St Francis Bay has agreed to stock the books once they have been produced.

Bartle Logie visits "Boet & Swaer" country - the Lower Albany region of the Eastern Cape, for this his ninth book.

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