Impressions of Jeffreys Bay

Jeffreys Bay is known as a surfing “mecca”, and again its history as such is well documented elsewhere. It is also famous for its sea shells, beaches and a variety of other attractions which make it a holiday mecca for thousands every year. It is a town beloved by its residents, and in "Impressions of Jeffreys Bay" we have attempted to capture and document pictorially those things which make it special to residents and visitors alike, and which differentiate it from the many other towns and villages all along our coast.
This book is not a commentary on Jeffreys Bay, past and present - it merely seeks to record the “Impressions” of many of the residents of and visitors to this wonderful town in the southern part of the Eastern Province.
The book is about presenting the sights and impressions of the town and is a sincere attempt to provide a glimpse of its soul, and to try to convey what it is that makes people come back year after year.

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