Impressions of St Francis

Impressions of St Francis is not a commentary of St Francis past and present - it merely seeks to record the “Impressions” of many of the residents of and visitors to this wonderful area.
The book is about presenting the sights and impressions of the region and is a sincere attempt to provide a glimpse of its soul.
"There are many other seaside resorts, so what is it about St Francis that has appealed to so many? Were you to conduct a survey among the homeowners, ‘sea’ and ‘surf’ and ‘fishing’ and ‘boating’ would crop up time and time again, but no two answers would be precisely the same.
"So take a long glass and pour yourself a frosted drink. Settle back in your favourite chair. Now, while a passing zephyr cools your brow, study the images provided by local photographers. Look carefully to see if you can discover what it is that makes St Francis, despite the sea and the sand that it shares with countless other resort towns along the South African coast, so very special."
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