Just Kidding!

By Sally Ann Carter
When Sally Ann (Sal) Carter – a social worker - and her husband David - a corporate accountant - decided to abandon the bright lights of Cape Town on David’s retirement and go olive farming, some of their friends thought they were mad.
Others envied them!
In this collection of anecdotes, stories and vignettes, Sal Carter has captured the joys, sadnesses,
trials, tribulations and triumphs of their 20 years on Zeekoegat Farm, just outside the small town of
Riversdale, in a most enjoyable and very readable way.
Her descriptions of the characters and antics of their large and ever-increasing collection of farm animals and pets, especially her beloved goats and dogs, are as enjoyable and real as her stories of the interactions and relationships with their neighbors, staff, friends, family and the people of the town and the surrounding area.
Sal describes her forays into goat-milking, animal midwifery, cheese making, event organising and social work in an often self-deprecating and tongue-in-cheek way, sparing no one, least of all herself.
Shining through it all is the support, guidance and love of her sometimes long-suffering husband, David.
A thoroughly enjoyable read!


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