By Thekiso Khanye

“A Passion Genius is anyone who aims to become extraordinary, and a great leader, in the area of the passions that he or she possesses, through the medium of applied faith, giving > receiving, self-confidence, great habits, mature thinking and good acquaintances.”
– Thekiso Khanye
Born in Standerton – South Africa, Thekiso Khanye is obsessed with his gifts and passions that have been part and parcel of his core identity. He values the gifts that life has given to everyone and everything that has ever lived and his mission is to introduce people to themselves.
“We are all born to serve, and to serve in our purpose. Purpose is rooted in our passions; let the peaks and the troughs of the journey be the energy sparks that lead you to the supreme level of Passion Genius. Be a master of your passions, and watch how your life will be transformed. You will witness the multitudes of lives you will impact. Passion is a builder of greatness. Everyone is a genius; don’t give up.” – Thekiso Khanye.

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