Are you a writer ...

... of stories, textbooks, children's books or poetry?

You can join Bartle Logie, Mike Silberbauer, S'Milo Mngadi, Patrick Noonan and others as an author in the Write-On Publishing stable.

We can help you!

Write-On Publishing is NOT a traditional publishing house, which evaluates your book, accepts or rejects it for publication, pays you an advance (if you are lucky!), and then prints vast numbers of books for distribution to booksellers nationally or internationall - a process that can take years!

Write-On Publishing is instead a self-publishing facilitator - we help get your book out there, whether it is your autobiography, your dissertation, children's book, educational book, or a work of fiction.

What we do NOT do is guarantee huge sales of books - we will do the work, publish the books, make them available on a “Print-On-Demand”  basis or in digital format, and, if required, assist you to market the book.

We do NOT pay advances, as we do not take ownership of your work. The following services are subject to a negotiated fee and/or commission structure.


Proofreading & Editing

It is a well-known fact that it is almost impossible to edit your own work, you are far too close to the idea and the story to see the writing "imperfections": grammar, spelling and punctuation errors - and we all make them!  

More about Editing


Once the manuscript has been proofread, edited and corrected, we go into production mode - typesetting layout, design.

More about Production

Post Production 

When the manuscript is ready to print, the next phase of the publishing process kicks in - printing, distribution, and ebook production

More about Post Production Services

Marketing Tools & Services

Write-On Publishing can supply certain limited marketing tools & services to help you get your book out there. 

More about Marketing services



What Does it Cost?


It is difficult to give you an exact price to publish a manuscript without first seeing it or knowing the book's final specs.
Please Contact Us and we will take you through the next steps in order to get an accurate quote.

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