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New Life for Old Books

We have developed and perfected a process of giving old, out-of-print books a new lease on life. These books fall into two main categories: Special books for which the copyright has expired and which  are in the Public Doman; and those whose copyright owners commission new iterations of the original.

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Fully Animated eBooks

We have the ability to create fully animated eBooks and upload them to a variety of sales platforms. These eBooks do not b=necessarily have to be eBook versions of print books, but can be  specialised, stand-alone eBooks,

More about fully animated eBooks

Magazines & Newsletters

We produce corporate and institutional newsletters and magazine, both for print or for online distribution as flip-books or eMagazines.

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Private Publishing  - Memory Books, Family Stories etc.

We help preserve memories, private stories and family histories through the publication of special memory books, books for special occasions,  and family stories for private distribution.

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How Much?

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It is difficult to give you an exact price to publish a manuscript without first seeing it or knowing the book's final specs.
Please Contact Us and we will take you through the next steps in order to get an accurate quote.

Self-Publishing Services & Procedures
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