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Patrick Noonan

Patrick Noonan is a Franciscan who has lived and worked in Europe, the Middle East and the black townships of South Africa since 1970 and was still there when his area – known as the Vaal Triangle – exploded in anti-apartheid rage in the latter half of 1984. It was this uprising that signalled the beginning of the end of apartheid and led to the release of Nelson Mandela. He is presently ministering in Boksburg, and also assists the Gauteng Council of Churches in the area of post-apartheid reconciliation. He is the bestselling author of the recently reissued, revised and expanded book They’re Burning the Churches* (Jacana 2011), and St Francis Uncensored (Choice Publishing 2016) as well as articles for various books magazines and newspapers.
Noonan is also the recipient of the Mayor’s Medal for Services to the Community in the Municipality of Sedibeng south of Johannesburg.



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