Two for the Road

Bartle Logie, author of two highly successful historical travelogues Governor's Travels and Traveller's Joy
now brings you Two for the Road.

In 1802 Commissioner-General Jacob Abraham Uitenhage de Mist; of Batavia; set foot on shore in Table Bay. In order to obtain first-hand knowledge of the country; accompanied by a young German doctor Martin Heinrich Karl Liechtenstein, he undertook an official overland journey by oxwagon through the colony. It lasted three months and covered a vast area. They were accompanied by the Governor's 18 year-old daughter Augusta.

More than two hundred years later Bartle; accompanied by his wife Caryl; climbed into their diesef bakkie and followed in the ‘wagon-traces' of that epic journey; to see what's changed.

As Bartle and Caryl journeyed down main roads and forgotten byways; they met the local people; heard many fascinating tales; examined interesting old buildings and soared up the surrounding environment. 
Like Liechtenstein the two modern-day adventurers took time off to enjoy the flora and fauna along the way

Their fellow-traveller in spirit; Ann Snaddon; captured their experiences in her superb illustrations

So here's another for your bookshelf!

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